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Mozart's Sister (Not Rated)

French with English subtitles

René Féret's vivacious costume drama about Mozart's talented older sister Nannerl (played by the director's 15-year-old daughter, Marie Féret) is a vivid depiction of pre-Revolutionary France. Accomplished singer, harpsichordist and violinist Nannerl is Wolfgang's (David Moreau) elder by five years. Originally held up as the family's child prodigy, she has now been forced to accompany the star of the family, her younger brother, in keeping with the social conventions of the time that the violin is a man's realm and composing (Nannerl's passionate ambition) is beyond a woman's feeble brain. At court Nannerl meets the Dauphin (Clovis Fouin), music-loving heir to the throne, who commissions her to compose a work for him. She is caught up in a swirl of creativity and rewarded when, at her concert for the Dauphin (for which she is forced to dress as a man), Nannerl enjoys her moment as a composer appreciated by all. Beautifully photographed (the filmmakers were allowed to shoot in Versailles), with stunning set and costume designs, the film is sweetened by original music by Marie-Jeanne Serrero. Co-starring Lisa Féret and Marc Barbé.