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AMARCORD (Not Rated)

English with English subtitles

Amarcord ("I remember"), Federico Fellini's splendid, visually stunning remembrance of life in provincial Rimini, remains one of cinema's enduring masterpieces. Based on the acclaimed filmmaker's recollections of his youth in prewar Italy, the carnivalesque story centers around a young man (Bruno Zanin) who longs for the freedom of adulthood. Fellini's most personal film satirizes his youth and turns daily life into a circus of social rituals, adolescent desires, male fantasies and political subterfuge, all set to Nina Rota's classic, nostalgia-tinged score. Fellini celebrates the sense of kinship that exists in the town, yet he's aware of the community's shortcomings that pave the way for fascism. It is perhaps the filmmaker's most gentle look at the wonders of the world through the eyes of youth. Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film. New restoration personally supervised by director of photography Giuseppe Rotunno.