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Breathless (Not Rated)

French with English subtitles

"All you need is a girl and a gun." —Jean-Luc Godard. Paris, Film Noir, Sex and Cool have never been more beautifully evoked than in these ninety minutes which shook the world. Godard's first feature film, written by François Truffaut (with Claude Chabrol as technical advisor), the harbinger of the French New Wave, was both a jazz-like improvisation on American crime thrillers (it's dedicated to Monogram Pictures)...and a revolution. Featuring now-legendary performances from Jean-Paul Belmondo as the Bogart-inspired small-time hood living on the edge and Jean Seberg as la petite américaine who casually sleeps with him and just as casually betrays him, Breathless is funny and daring and just as much a breath of fresh air today as it was on its release five decades ago. Audaciously reinventing the grammar of movies, Breathless transformed cinema overnight and instantly put Godard in the rarified company of Picasso, Joyce, Brecht, Stravinsky, et al. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Breathless, Rialto Pictures is presenting a stunning new 35mm restoration—the first ever in the film's history.