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English with English subtitles

Chicken with Plums, written and directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (Persepolis), is the story of a famous musician whose prized instrument has been ruined. Teheran, 1958: since his beloved violin was broken, Nasser Ali Khan (Mathieu Amalric), one of the most renowned musicians of his day, has lost all taste for life. Finding no instrument worthy of replacing it, he decides to confine himself to bed to await death. As he hopes for its arrival, he plunges into deep reveries, with dreams as melancholic as they are joyous, taking him back to his youth and even to a conversation with Azraël, the Angel of Death (Edouard Baer), who reveals the future of his children. As pieces of the puzzle gradually fit together, the poignant secret of his life comes to light: a wonderful story of love which inspired his genius and his music. In French.