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I Want Your Money (Not Rated)

Your money. You work hard for it, it goes into your pocket, and then it flies out of your pocket into someone else's, namely an overweight government that gives it away as if it was its own. What's happening here, and how can this out-of-control system be changed? That's the question explored in Ray Griggs' documentary "I Want Your Money," which takes a conservative view that the big-government approach to leadership of the Obama administration is a failure, destroying prosperity by redistributing it rather than cultivating its growth. Contrasting the policies of two iconic presidents, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, "I Want Your Money" is a clever mix of archival footage, new interviews from notable conservative figures, and original animation. It's a smart, reasoned, clever and convincing call to action for audiences who care about their own destinies, and are ready to "just say 'No'"!