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Lonely teenager Pim (Jelle Florizoone) is largely ignored by his extrovert mother Yvette (Eva van der Gucht), who plays accordion at the Texas Bar in the Belgian seaside resort where they live, and spends more time with her lover than with her son. Pim occupies his time drawing and fantasizing while keeping secret his emerging desires for Gino (Mathias Vergels), the handsome older neighbor boy. Pim manages to move in with Gino's welcoming family, but his plan backfires when Gino departs and begins romancing a girl from out of town; Pim is left spending a lot of time with Gino's increasing fond younger sister. It seems like Pim's dreams will never come true, but then one rainy day Gino returns home.... Colorful, stylized visuals and evocative, romantic music give this heartfelt drama (set in the 1970s) a poetic timelessness. Winner of the Best Debut Feature Award at the Montreal Film Festival. Directed and co-written by Bavo Defurne.