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NUIT # 1 (Not Rated)

French with English subtitles

Clara (Catherine de Léan) and Nikolaï (Dimitri Storoge) are good-looking strangers who meet on the packed, sweaty dance floor of a rave and are soon at his rather dingy apartment having torrid sex. Afterwards, when Clara attempts to leave, Nikolai challenges her to stay and reveal more than just her naked body. The ensuing epic conversation ebbs and flows, attacking and embracing, exploring and revealing, as the two spend the night together stripping emotionally. Clara peels back the layers of her wounded personality: by day she is a third grade teacher, but by night she is a compulsive party-girl. She goes out every night, gets drunk and high, invites high-voltage sexual encounters, all the while desperately trying to fill an emotional void yet never succeeding. The two performers give intense, striking performances that make this bold and intimate study of a one-night stand riveting. First-time director Anne Émond won the Claude Jutra Award for best first film, and the film was chosen as Best Canadian Film at the Vancouver Film Festival.