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Saigon Electric (Not Rated)

Vietnamese with English subtitles

Mai, a traditional ribbon dancer from the countryside, arrives to the big city of Saigon in hopes of being admitted to the national dance academy. After she falls victim to her inner fears and fails her auditions, she finds friendship with the rebellious Kim, a hip-hop dancer from a local crew Saigon Fresh. Mai enters their lives as the crew trains at the community center with their own dreams: to compete internationally in South Korea. To do so, they have to beat national champs North Killaz from Hanoi, but after Kim loses an underground battle to a rival B-girl, Do-Boy, Saigon Fresh's captain, scolds Kim and she defiantly quits the team. To make matters worse, a hotel developer informs them that the community center will be torn down to make room for a large hotel. Will Mai, Kim and Do-Boy find inspiration and courage in themselves and in one another as they strive to keep their beloved community center, and to overcome their obstacles? Director Stephane Gauger's Saigon Electric is a movie that addresses the rites of passage of young adults in modern day Vietnam, and their power to dream.