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The Maid (Not Rated)

Spanish with English subtitles

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Raquel (Catalina Saavedra), age 42, has worked over twenty years for the well-to-do and numerous Valdes family, and on the surface seems like the perfect maid, almost part of the family. But she is controlling and territorial, carrying on a private war with the family's headstrong teenage daughter, and suffering frequent headaches and dizziness. The mother cannot bear to fire the woman who helped raise her children, so instead she hires a second maid to help Raquel. This alarms Raquel, who sees the newcomer as a threat and instantly sets out to drive her away. Her childish but ruthless tactics quickly succeed, but the family then hires an older and tougher maid who proves much harder to oust. Raquel meets her match with the third new maid, Lucy (Mariana Loyola), an enthusiastic and self-confident young woman who, attacked by Raquel, retaliates with affection and humor, helping her to find a new outlook on life. Saavedra is magnificent as the grumpy Raquel, seething with loneliness, anger, and jealousy, yet always managing to retain our sympathy. Winner of two prestigious awards at the Sundance Film Festival.