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The Misfortunates (Not Rated)

Dutch with English subtitles

A humorous tale of debauchery, pathos and growing up, The Misfortunates finds hope and resurrection amidst the moral depravity and lecherous behavior a teenage boy's father and uncles indulge in on a daily basis. Gunther Strobbe (Kenneth Vanbaeden), 13, lives with this motley crew at his grandmother's house. Every day he must cope with their drinking, fighting and shameful laziness. The family lives in the filthiest shack in an unsightly town, and every evening Gunther joins his father and uncles in the local bar. The arrival of Aunt Rosie and her daughter Sylvie is a welcome break in the drudgery of his daily life. For Gunther, Rosie and Sylvie are proof that there is life outside of his small town. And although the routine of boozing, chasing women and loafing about is finally broken by an unexpected visit from Child Protective Services, everything points to Gunther suffering the same fate as his family…or can he play a trick on fate and influence the course of his own history? Winner of the Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography awards at the 2009 Hamptons Film Festival.