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Time Lapse (Not Rated)

In a sleepy, sunny apartment complex made up of simple white bungalows, three twenty-somethings share the rent. Callie, who likes to think she can write, plays den mother to her two wayward roommates. Finn, the apartment complex manager and struggling painter, is dragging his feet on proposing to Callie. Jasper, refusing to grow out of the party mentality of his college days, tends bar, gambles and provides the chemicals. 

Their quiet world is shaken when they find their elderly scientist neighbor dead.

In his apartment across the way he has left a mysterious camera that takes pictures of the future. Aimed through the roommates' picture window, it shows regular glimpses of their lives together 24 hours in advance.

Their initial plan is to leave the body hidden and exploit the machine. Jasper utilizes it to foresee race results each day, racking up winnings. With the cash windfall, Callie is able to quit her waitress job and focus on writing. Finn's creative block is lifted by seeing his artwork ahead of time. He becomes prolific.

When disturbing images of the future begin to arrive. A tense love-triangle emerges between the three, and Jasper's bookie begins sniffing around at all the successful betting. When a picture shows what looks like a warning from the future, the roommates are forced to prepare for the worst. Jasper hides weapons around the house; death intervenes.

As the bodies pile up, Jasper becomes more paranoid and unhinged, and a wedge gets driven between Callie and Finn.

Obsessed with tomorrow, relationships unravel, and the trio descends into their darkest future yet.