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Toy Story (G)

Woody is a cowboy doll with the ol' "pull the string and talk" gizmo. He's the boy's, Andy, favorite toy in the house, the head of all the other toys (Mr. Potato Head, etc.), at least until a new toy appears. Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is a brand new, space age toy with a "laser," wings, karate chop, and a voice sampler; Woody is no longer Andy's favorite.

Woody watches in horror as the other toys take a liking to Buzz and his tales of outer space adventure. Unfortunately, the new toy fails to realize he is a toy; Buzz thinks he is a true Space Ranger. Woody, angered, goes to prove him wrong, only to find both of them in the clutches of the evil next door neighbor, Sid, the boy who's only goal is to derange toys. And the only way they can escape is possibly by breaking the cardinal rule; revealing that they are alive.