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TRISTANA (Not Rated)

English with English subtitles

Luis Buñuel's late-period masterpiece, Tristana is a delicious, perverse and haunting study of power shifts in an obsessive relationship. Re-teaming Buñuel and Catherine Deneuve soon after their memorable collaboration in Belle de Jour, Tristana co-stars frequent Buñuel alter ego Fernando Rey (Viridiana, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie). Rey plays Don Lope, a mephistophelean, anti-clerical socialist and outmoded master of social graces, who seduces his innocent and beautiful young ward Tristana (Deneuve), becoming her lover/father figure. She eventually leaves him for a handsome young artist (played by Italian heartthrob Franco Nero), but returns in the end for revenge, having changed from naïve waif to hardened cynic. For many years the film only existed in sadly-faded prints; now beautifully digitally restored, it can be seen in its full glory. .