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Turn Me On, Dammit! (Not Rated)

Norwegian with English subtitles

The candid and wryly comic Turn Me On, Dammit! tells a story that is rarely if ever explored in films: the unbridled sexual appetite of a teenage girl. 15-year-old Alma (Helene Bergsholm) is consumed by her out-of-control hormones and fantasies that range from sweetly romantic images of Artur, the boyfriend she yearns for, to down-and-dirty daydreams about practically everybody she lays eyes on. Alma and her best friend Saralou live in an insufferably boring little town in the hinterlands of Norway. After Alma has an unexpected and highly perplexing encounter with Artur, she makes the mistake of telling her incredulous friends, who ostracize her at school. At home, Alma's single mother is overwhelmed and embarrassed by her daughter's extravagant phone sex bills and wears earplugs to muffle Alma's round-the-clock acts of self-gratification. Throughout, the complexities of Alma's burgeoning sexuality and loneliness are compassionately rendered by writer/director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen with a frankness that always rings true, as does Bergsholm's quietly moving performance as Alma.