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Vincent Wants to Sea (Not Rated)

German with English subtitles

Embattled by the embarrassing symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome, Vincent (Florian David Fitz) has just lost his mother. His burdened father (Heino Ferch), an ambitious politician running for office, sends him off to a rehabilitation clinic where he will learn how to manage his twitches, tics, and ill-timed, but unpremeditated verbal outbursts. At the clinic Vincent finds solace in Marie (Karoline Herfurth), a feisty anorexic whose partiality for spontaneous adventure happens to coincide with Vincent's objective of getting to the Mediterranean Sea to spread his mother's ashes and fulfill her last wish: to see the water one last time. Along for the ride is Alexander (Johannes Allmayer), an obsessive-compulsive whose only contentment comes in the form of expensive, stolen cars, dapper dress, and Johann Sebastian Bach. What follows is a hilarious road movie with the trio cruising down the autobahn without the slightest concern for the inconveniences they cause people along the way. While Vincent's father and Dr. Rose (Katherine Muller-Elmau) bumble along in pursuit of the escaped patients, Vincent, Marie, and Alexander enjoy a reprieve from the dolor of the clinic and experience a surrealistic journey that liberates them from their afflictions.